Chinese athletes mourn Steve Jobs with Tweets, iPhone and iPad

“It took the passing of Steve Jobs for the world to realize its love affair with the man and the products of his vision. And there are few place where this is more evident than in China.” Forbes recently summed up the reaction from China to the death of Steve Jobs.

Within a day of the Apple CEO’s death, over 63 million tribute messages had already been published on China’s Twitter-like, government-controlled, micro-blogging site Weibo, reported MSNBC.

To pay tribute to “Master Jobs”, China’s No.1 micro-blogging site Sina Weibo made all messages sent from iPhone and iPad shown as “from Jobs’ iPhone”, “from Jobs’ iPad”.

A few Chinese top athletes also tweeted condolences on Weibo with their iPhones and iPads. 

Chinese French Open Champion Li Na retweeted a tribute message including Steve Jobs’ quotes “You’ve got to find what you love; Stay hungry, stay foolish”, saying “I need to stay hungry”. Sina Weibo shows that the message came “from Jobs’ iPad”.

Chinese NBA player Yi Jianlian wrote “Human beings keep innovation, technology changes our life. Tweet from Jobs’ iphone. (candle)” on his Sina Weibo.Chinese swimmer Sun Yang, who broke Grant Hackett’s long-standing men’s 1500 meters freestyle world record at the world swimming championships this year wrote “Just came out of the swimming stadium and learned about the death of Steve Jobs, I am shocked! (shocked)(cry) I am typing these words for you (Jobs) with iPhone, showing my respect to your contribution. The world has been different because of Jobs, the world has become so beautiful because of him.” Sina Weibo shows the message came “from Jobs’ iPhone”.

R.I.P., Steve. We will miss you.

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